About Us

Class is Brass has been proudly handcrafting traditional Genuine CAST IRON and BRASS BEDS in Adelaide South Australia since 1985, sending its products all over the world.

Our Class is Brass team is highly attentive to the production of each bed and is confident that they remain a market leader in their field. Our beds have a well earned reputation for visual splendor and flawless craftsmanship; ensuring their place amongst your most treasured family heirlooms.

All beds and brass fixtures are powder coated to ensure their beauty withstands the test of time. Beds are also designed to maintain their structural stability and come backed with a lifetime structural warranty. All head and foot rails are double bolted at both ends and coupled with a center support bar.

Cast iron has been used in bed design since the 1800’s. The method involves the pouring of molten iron into sand moulds (to obtain their definition). Today, many bed manufacturers use imitation aluminum or pressed metal which is cheaper and quicker to manufacture but does not have the strength or character of cast iron and are prone to cracking.

Class is Brass believes in product quality without compromise and still use genuine Cast Iron castings, a proven age old labour intensive method to ensure Class is Brass remains the market leader in their field.

Class Is Brass are manufacturing the next generation of antique cast iron and brass beds.

All Class Is Brass traditional cast iron beds come supplied with a Certificate Of Authenticity as proof it is manufactured from genuine cast iron.

All Class Is Brass traditional cast iron and brass beds are manufactured from genuine cast iron and are not an inferior aluminum or pressed metal imitation.

Before you purchase a cast bed be sure to ask the supplier if the bed is really a cast iron bed or an inferior aluminium or pressed metal imitation.